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Press photos

Jay's Songwriter Festival in Pilot Point, TX.

Filter(ed) in McKinney, TX

Watters Creek Music Festival in Allen, TX

Press / Reviews

"Jud Block is the finest poet I know. Poets are, too often, tormented souls who, as Ray Wylie Hubbard so aptly put it, are "condemned by the Gods to write." Jud knows. He knows. There are good songwriters, and then there are poets...Jud is a poet." ” - Jeff Hopson, legendary North Texas singer-songwriter
Jud Block is an Indie artist/songwriter with amazing dark, sometimes humorous, tales in his songs...beautifully haunting melodies, moving and, at times, witty lyrics. And those guitar phrases that repeat, like a chorus (when there is no verbal chorus as we know it), will have you waiting in anticipation for them to come around again. I will echo what many others have recommended: grab a bottle of your favourite spirit(s) to accompany you on this musical storybook ride, and bottom’s up!” - Anastasia K

— The Muse's Muse

The wait wasn't quite as long for singer-songwriter Jud Block. He released his first single in over six years this week. “Uncertain Souvenirs” begins hauntingly with Block’s soft Southern drawl wrapping itself around darkly explicated images of pain and loss until the song’s 2:20 mark. That is when a flood of guitars serves as a bridge, carrying the voice from conflict to resolution.” - David Fletcher, Music Writer

— Dallas Observer