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An allegory crow-eye black
Wraps around the words
That serve to decorate your soul
As something damaged and disturbed,
While a suicide melody
Masks your every thought
To make blood into shadows
With no difference between life and loss

Open a final verse artery
Just to feel the pain
Even if it's from another
The relief settles in just the same;
And every scream echoed outside
Carries a familiar tone
Though the face mirror reflected
Rarely ever seems to be your own

Another day, another ledge
Gently whispers your name
With a promised new horizon
Cloaked in desperation's well worn frame;
Ringing red vertiginous notes
Of recrimination and lies
Help to blur the edge
That delineates self-harm from homicide

Now the nighttime summons ghosts
That the daylight left for dead,
Leading a fever dream waltz
Through all the voices in your head;
Where fact entwines with fiction
In a confusion of want and fear
Further burying concern
Beneath uncertain souvenirs...